Monterey Bay South

In the past few years I've been introduced to some awesome spots around the bay. Point Pinos is one place not to be missed. It's in Pacific Grove, toward Monterey proper and Carmel. The tidepooling is fantastic.
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Point Pinos is usually chilly and the tide comes in fast. The rocks can be slippery, but well worth scuttling over. I recommend wearing pants with Tevas or rain boots (good tread is a must), short sleeves (because long sleeves never dry) and a warm jacket. A change of clothes (underwear and socks at the least) and a first aid kit are always awesome too.

Although you can't take anything home with you, sometimes it's easier to look at a shell or an animal up close. For that reason I also always bring a small white container (the animal will stand out against the stark background) to hold critters while I check them out. Just be sure to put everything back where you found it, and to pack your trash.

Don't forget to check the tide before you go!

Directions? Google earth it

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