Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Oh me, oh my! The graduate process is picking up, with upcoming admissions decisions announced throughout March. In the pre-decision hubbub, I've been hopping to program interviews around the country. Last week was Chicago and NYC, with Louisiana before that.

The interview process has been an absolute thrill, albeit exhausting. Thus far, I've found faculty and grad students to be unanimously kind and welcoming. I've definitely got high hopes for the experience of graduate study. Keep you posted.

Tomorrow I'm back into it- flying off to Europe for some extended travel before school begins. Forgive me if there is a delay in posting, but I'll certainly be back on blogger once I'm stateside. It would be terrible to lose my tremendous following (all two of you)!

Until then...

T-Rex- all business in Chicago

Hello from Illinois! Finally got  a snow pic.

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